All Stratford Homes begin as a series of modules in our indoor climate controlled manufacturing facilities. Because each is built indoors, problems like weather delays, sub contractor no shows and material shortages are reduced.

When the modules are ready to be transported to your building site, they are tightly weather-wrapped and loaded upon temporary transport frames. With precision accurancy, each module is crane-set onto a foundation.

Once your home is set, mechanical tie-ins and finish work is completed. This can also include add-ons like patios, decks, garages and landscaping.

Every house is different, but our current average building cost is about $100 - $110.00 a sq. ft., which includes Full Basement, Standard Well & Septic Cost Allowance, Finished Flooring and Heat / AC.

You can subtract any amenities you already have (i.e. Well, Septic). Garages, decks, landscaping is of course extra cost.




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